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Secure Your REST API Endpoints

In this live coding session, Daniel Teuchert presented best practices that will help you find more vulnerabilities through automated REST API testing.

Watch the session to learn about:

  • Setting up an automated REST API test
  • Securing REST API parameter combinations
  • REST API error reporting


Recap: Common challenges of REST API security testing

Step 1: Pick the right REST API endpoint
Step 2: Enable your REST APIs for automated endpoint detection
Step 3: Configure your API tests
Step 4: Add seed requests to get started
Step 5: Run 1.000 API unique tests per minute

Transfer: How to apply this approach to secure complex microservices

About the Speaker

As a Customer Success Engineer at Code Intelligence, Daniel Teuchert is an expert when it comes to API security solutions. Daniel holds a master's degree in IT Security, as well as OSWE and OSCP offensive security certifications. At Code Intelligence he contributes to the transformation of software security testing, by helping companies implement modern fuzzing.