In this article, we will show you how we found vulnerabilities in an open-source project during a PoC for SodgeIT.

The software company SodgeIT GmbH from Balingen, Germany, has high-security demands and thus invests high amounts of time in security testing. SodgeIT recognized the advantages of the testing platform CI Fuzz making security testing more efficient and effective and wanted to convince themselves of the results in practice in a pilot project. The results can be summarized with their testimonial:

“With CI Fuzz we found a software solution we almost started to develop ourselves! Nice work Code Intelligence.” - Götz Martinek // Managing Director // sodgeIT

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Whitepaper Intro Fuzzing

Intro into Fuzzing

Learn why world leaders like Google and Microsoft rely on feedback-based fuzzing. We have created a short introduction for you.

Case Study Telekom

Case Study Telekom

CI Fuzz is used in Telekom‘s test center which is responsible for the evaluation of various applications from both internal and external development teams.

Benefits at a glance

Benefits at a glance

All information about CI Fuzz at a glance. Learn more about how we can help you to build secure software by automating security testing.