In our webinar “Fuzzing - The Future of DevSecOps”, we will show you how leading enterprises integrate an automated fuzz testing tool into their daily CI pipeline to detect system defects and security vulnerabilities before executing penetration testing. 

You will learn how to easily benefit from modern fuzzing as part of your CI/CD workflow. Fuzz tests are run automatically with each new code change and incidents are reported promptly in an easy to understand dashboard. 

In this webinar, you will...

  • Get an overview of modern fuzzing techniques
  • See, how to detect security vulnerabilities with low manual effort in OSS projects
  • Experience the potential of fuzzing for development processes
  • Learn, how to set-up fuzz testing



Fuzzing Academy

Fuzzing Academy has the vision to establish fuzzing as a software testing standard. Join and become an expert for the test methods of tomorrow!


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Automotive Software

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