The Use Case

Infotainment systems in modern vehicles usually communicate with a whole range of external sensors. By using a simple configuration file, we were able to fuzz embedded systems while simultaneously simulating the input of those sensors. During the session, we will also discuss how you can apply this new approach to your own software.

In this webinar, you will...

  • get an overview of a new methodology to effectively fuzz Automotive software.
  • get a deeper understanding of the theory behind the methodology.
  • see a live demonstration of how this methodology works in practice using CI Fuzz. 
  • get tips on how to apply this methodology to fuzz your own software. 



Fuzzing Academy

The Magic behind
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Fuzzing Automotive Roadmap

Roadmap to Fuzz Testing
(for Automotive Software)

Roadmap to successful fuzz testing in compliance with ISO 21434. My advice: start with unit fuzzing and proceed to more complex challenges step by step.

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Automotive Software

3 Steps to Help you Prevent (System) Crashes

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