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Modern cars are connected, and they are getting smarter by the minute. As the automotive industry becomes increasingly connected, it is confronted with a constantly growing range of security risks. As a result, passenger safety is no longer limited to influences from road traffic. 

Learn about the 10 most spectacular threats that confront the players in the connected car ecosystem with previously unknown challenges.

SOURCE_Fuzzing Limitations

Modern Fuzzing for Automotive Software

In this webinar our co-founders Sergej Dechand and Khaled Yakdan will show you how to use fuzzing efficiently for automotive software.

ISO 21434

6 Tips to Comply with ISO 21434

Download this free Cheat Sheet for 6 simple tips that will help you comply with ISO 21434.


Case Study SodgeIT GmbH

Download our case study on how we found vulnerabilities in the open-source barcode generator ZINT.