What Is the Best Way to Simulate Hardware Dependencies?

To test an embedded application with dynamic inputs, you would usually have to compile and run it first. But with embedded software, you often have the problem that the code only runs on certain hardware or that the application requires input from external sources. For this reason, embedded developers use mocking to simulate these hardware-dependent functions. In this recorded live coding session, Daniel Teuchert demonstrates how to mock embedded systems with fuzz data. With this approach, you can use the advanced mutation strategies of feedback-based fuzzing to simulate the behavior of external sources under realistic conditions and cover unexpected and unlikely edge cases.

In this preview, Daniel explains why embedded systems with dependencies are so difficult to secure.

How to Fuzz Embedded Applications with Dependencies


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In This Session, You Will...

  • Learn how to effectively mock embedded systems with fuzz data
  • See how mocking can help you increase code coverage
  • See how mocking can help you detect complex vulnerabilities
  • Find out how you can apply this approach to your own code
Fuzzing Embedded Systems

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Daniel Teuchert

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