In This Session, You Will...

  • Learn more about the Java framework “Spring Boot” and its challenges for software security.
  • Get an overview of the modern fuzzing techniques.
  • Discover how the open-source scanner OWASP ZAP can be used efficiently.
  • Learn how to detect security vulnerabilities and bugs deep in your source code. 
  • Experience the potential of CI Fuzz and OWASP ZAP for agile development processes.
Modern fuzzing techniques

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How to Secure Java Spring Boot With Fuzzing and OWASP ZAP

In this webinar our engineer Christian Hartlage will talk about the security challenges of the Java framework Spring Boot  and how to solve them efficiently during the development process. Furthermore, a practical session will show how to automatically detect web vulnerabilities (e.g. SQL injections) in OWASP's Web Goat project.

Code Intelligence recently integrated the open-source scanner OWASP ZAP into its testing platform CI Fuzz. The powerful combination of feedback-based fuzzing and typical web security scanners allows the user to easily detect web vulnerabilities such as SQL Injections, Sensitive Data Exposures or Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) without manual effort. If you are interested in secure web application development, you should not miss this webinar!

About the Speaker

At Code Intelligence, Christian Hartlage develops new methods to make coverage-based fuzzing even more efficient. 

After graduating as a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Bonn, he gained experience in Automated Malware Analysis as a Security Researcher at Fraunhofer FKIE.

Christian_Hartlage_Code Intellligence

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