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Feedback-based fuzzing is a modern fuzzing technique used for security and stability testing of the codebase. The software under test is fed with a series of inputs, which are purposefully mutated in the testing process. The testing tool gets feedback about the code covered during the execution of inputs. Unlike traditional or black-box fuzzing, feedback-based fuzzing explores the program state efficiently and discovers bugs hidden deep in the code. In recent years, feedback-based fuzzing has experienced an unmatched success story. For example, over 16,000 bugs have been found in Google Chrome.

In this webinar, you will...

  • get an overview of modern fuzzing techniques (“feedback-based fuzzing”).
  • learn, how to detect security vulnerabilities and bugs with it deep in your source code.
  • experience the potential of fuzzing for agile development processes.
  • learn, how to create efficient fuzz testing campaigns by yourself.

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Magic behind Fuzzing

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Technical overview

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